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Who Are We ?

CompoundIn, is the New Player in the Real Estate Digital Zone.

What we do ? 

As we are living in a fast-paced era, where all our decisions are made based on technology dependency, I am reaching out to offer you the chance to jump on board of our cutting-edge platform. When researching online, the consumer behavior intends to find exactly what they are looking for, without the minimum friction and time spent;

Therefore, at CompoundIn, we are offering them a chance to filter their needs and allocate exactly their demands based on all the amenities and facilities they desire; while ensuring an easy and simple browsing experience that provides a transparent and commission-free link between residential developers and home seekers.

Why should you sign up with us?

Not only do we offer our clients the chance to browse and choose the right home, but in cases where they require further support, our team will gladly guide them through to ensure their demands are satisfactory.

At CompoundIn, our job is not limited to listing your products; our goal is to ensure we provide you, the developers, with all the related reports and data that will help you to develop your business based on our consumer’s online behavior. We aim to market via all the necessary channels and ensure your products are reached to the right target audience based on analytical reports and their previous search activities; while ensuring that our clear message is to identify the needs of the tenants and guide them towards the right choice and decision.

Do we stop there? Our experts team, with their extensive know-how of the market and industry, are proud to provide all the technical support, professional and personal advices, and after sales services that are required to ensure the full satisfaction of both our developers and tenant seekers.

The best part of it all? CompoundIn aims to promote and advertise on social channels and engines via its all year long marketing campaigns; allowing developers to benefit from these activities and tenants allocating their needs accordingly.

Looking forward to our collaboration together.


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